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http://paperbookintensive.org/alphabetica-synthetica-2/ The RIPEcast is the http://mmma.org.uk/tag/fibre-laser-cutting/ Space Cowboys’ weekly, Breakspoll-nominated podcast featuring the funky and diverse musical stylings of our amazing residents, extended family and friends.  Every week we share fresh DJ mixes that have either been created from live recordings at our parties and events or exclusive DJ mixes – crafted specifically for the followers of our music. We often include guest mixes from “friends of Cowboys” in San Francisco and also DJ mixes from internationally acclaimed DJs around the globe.

We are truly blessed to be able to share our passion of music with all of our friends and fans.  Thanks for listening and be sure to click the free download buttons. The RIPEcast cover art was designed by legendary Finger Lickin’ illustrator, Jem Panufnik.

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DJ Bassben – Reset

  • By: DJ Bassben on

Bassben – Reset This week’s mix scratches that drum and bass itch the RIPEcast gets every now and then. It comes from our own DJ Bassben, and about it he says: About Ben: Ben’s DJ career started in 1999 with a drum and bass radio show on KCSU, the student-run radio stati... read more

Dj Ben Seagren

  • By: Guest DJ on

Ben Seagren – RIPEcast 2013 This week we’re extremely pleased to have Ben Seagren (DISTRIKT / The Show / BeatFreak Recordings / Wülfpack) delivering a guest mix of dark and dirty tech house. Ben’s the co-creating of Space Cowboys’ favorite Burning Man day-time tra... read more

DJ Aaron Pope Ghost Ship 2013

  • By: DJ Aaron Pope on

Aaron Pope live from Ghost Ship 2013 We’ve got another killer set from Ghost Ship 2013 for you, this time from Space Cowboy DJ Aaron Pope. Here’s how Pope tells it: About Aaron Pope: “Dance music is all about drawing energy out of people in a positive way.” This is Aaron P... read more

DJ Erik Hz Ghost Ship 2013

  • By: DJ Erik_Hz on

Erik Hz Live at Ghost Ship 2013 We’ve got another incredible Ghost Ship 2013 mix for you on this week’s episode of the RIPEcast. This round goes to Erik Hz, and he’s serving up booty shaking tech house. About this mix Mr. Hz has the following words: For more information ... read more