Rocketship Closing Party with the UNIMOG

Please join us to celebrate the end of an era! On Friday March 15th from 5pm on we will gather at the Rocketship for one last prelaunch inspection.

Space Cowboys, Five Ton Crane and all of our friends will wish her well on her next adventure, and we invite you to head to Pier 14 after work this Friday for one last spectacular view. The Raygun Gothic Rocketship will be dismantled from the Pier starting on March 16th-17th.

What started as a BRAF funded collaboration to get temporary large scale art installed in public places, blossomed into a two & a half year run of the Rocketship patiently waiting for its lift off at the edge of the city, the border with the bay. To celebrate this last day before the launch, The Unimog will make her triumphant return from Squaw to help blast your minds one final night with the Rocket on the Embarcadero. If you have been under a large rock for the past month, you may be unaware that the Bay Lights have launched, and are on display every night. Pier 14 provides an excellent view of the Lights in their entirety. The Bay Lights come on at sundown, and The Mog will provide the soundtrack.

Tadalafil Oral Strips Spain This event is free, but donations are being accepted by BRAF.
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Special thanks to Five Ton Crane and their artists and workers that helped create, maintain and dismantle the Rocketship.
Bring your bikes, warm clothes, snacks, blankets, chairs, hoops, dogs and kids. LNT!!

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