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“Who IS Foxy Cheex?!!”

Not your words, dear listener, but those of infamous record producer and talent-spotter extraordinaire, Jem Stone, as his chin hit the floor in Tweety Pie’s Pussy Parlor whilst this particular vixen-saucepot did unspeakable things with a microphone.

You’ve already met Jem Stone, but since he wears so many hats you’d be forgiven for not realizing it: the creative force behind the legendary Finger Lickin’ Records imprint, international DJ and playboy with a run of smashes on said label as well as Freshly Squeezed and a zillion others, Jem is no stranger to the world of riotous nightclubs and debauched after parties. But even he can be occasionally gob-smacked, and that night Foxy Cheex planted one on him so massive he’ll be scraping his tongue up for weeks yet.

If you’ve come face to face with Foxy then count yourself lucky for not being chewed up and spat out like the long line of hopeful schmucks before you. With infinitely bigger Boops than Betty and a filthier habit than Jessica Rabbit, you can forgive Mr. Stone for spluttering into his absinth when she took to the stage that steamy evening. Lets just say she makes Krakatoa Katy look like Snow goddam White.

Hot on the heals from writing and producing with Kid Creole and the Coconuts on Tommy Boy, Jem Stone returns to Freshly Squeezed to present the luscious, the lascivious, the salacious and the atrocious, the very Foxy Cheex with her burlesque show bomb “Lick the Spoon” – a song as much about cooking as Deep Throat was about gardening.

Released by: Freshly Squeezed
Release/catalog number: ZEST7063
Release date: Apr 28, 2014


Jem Stone Lick The Spoon - Foxy Cheex