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Squaw Valley Resort - 1960 Squaw Valley Road Olympic Valley, CA United States

Mardi Squaw 2014 at Squaw Valley Saturday March 1, 2014
Time: 11:00am – 1:00am
Location: Squaw Valley, North Lake Tahoe, CA

The UNIMOG will again be rockin the Olympic Plaza deck all day at Squaw, keepin’ your turns even groovin’ again. There is nothing like hearing the ‘Mog when you are on the other side of the hill, your own personal over-sized remote ipod! The fun continues late night indoors at Squaw’s Olympic House. Due to MardiGras coinciding with SnowFest this year, the Space Cowboys are teaming up with Heckler Magazine and Sunset SF to bring you this year’s MardiSquaw at the Olympic House with the Space Cowboy DJs and special guests from SF and local Tahoe heroes with ton of other sponsors, and maybe even some Olympic Gold Medalists!

with the following Space Cowboy DJs:

  • DJ Deckard
  • DJ Mancub
  • Kapt’n Kirk
  • Aaron Pope
  • Brad Robinson
  • Tamo
  • Shooey
  • Rrrus
  • Shissler

here Also Djing: DJ J-Boogie, DeeJay Theory, Zeb Early, DJ Matt Haze, DJ Alarm, Subtropixx, Boggan,

Saturday night tickets available here.