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    $10-$20 Donation

Mars Bar - 798 Brannan Street San Francisco, CA United States

Mustaches and Margaritas! Burning Man Camp Fundraiser

Location: MARS BAR  7th and Brannan in SF
Date: Saturday, July 13th 2013
Time: Music & fun starts at 1pm, rain or shine until 8pm
Tickets: $10-$20 sliding donation requested
+ Drink and Food Specials and Outdoor Patio

Howdy friends of Space Cowboys!

We’re planning tons of special surprises for the playa this year that we’re sure you’ll love. While our DJs are always happy to support our friends from other camps, this is one of the few Cowboy camp dedicated events we’ll be putting on to share with you here and on the playa, so come on down and join us on July 13th.

Space Cowboy DJ’s:

  • 8Ball
  • Bass Ben
  • Deckard
  • Erik Hz
  • Evil
  • J9
  • Shissla
  • Sol
  • Tamo

With Special guests:

Layne Loomis, Ernie Trevino (Brass Tax), DJ Dane (Dusty Rhino), Matt Kramer (District)