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MEZZANINE - 444 Jessie Street San Francisco, California United States

Beats For Boobs :: RISE

Date: Saturday, October 8, 2016
Address: 444 Jessie St, San Francisco, California 94103
Time: 7:00PM – 2:000am
Cost: 21 and over / $35.00-$55.00
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Event Details

Art. Fashion. Food. Music. Education. Come join us to celebrate, honor and remember those impacted by breast cancer. As the beats drop, together we will rise to support the local breast cancer community. Dazzling DJs on the decks, an inspiring and radiant fashion show, exquisite live performances, brilliant art and delectable culinary delights.

Together, stronger than before, with the ashes of those we have lost, and the fire of those who are still battling, we will release an unwavering surge of love and support and celebrate 12 years of Beats for Boobs! Illuminate the night with your energy and passion! Come spread your wings and take flight with us as we rise up to show that support surrounds, and love abounds.



Lauren Li// tangled headphones: https://www.mixcloud.com/laurenli01/
DJ Mancub//Space Cowboys: https://soundcloud.com/spacecowboys/ripecast-mancub-live-extra-stuffing
Gravity//Pink Mammoth: https://soundcloud.com/gravity-pm
DJ Brad Robinson//Space Cowboys: https://soundcloud.com/djbradrobinson
Rachel Torro//Panda Lounge/ZERO NY: https://soundcloud.com/racheltorro


Rachel Cantu Rajput


Warrior Within Designs: www.warriorwithindesigns.com
miss velvet cream x Dao Pow Industries: https://www.facebook.com/missvelvetcream
MiLa – by Lola Wusu: http://www.lolawusu.com/
Sarahkali Designs: https://www.facebook.com/sarakalidesigns/
Swati Couture: https://www.facebook.com/SWATICouture/?fref=ts
The Bone Witch including designs from Arielle Rose of Cirkuswaggon.com

The Fashion Show will honor and recognize Survivor VIPs!

Hair and MakeUp:

Katie Brooke Callahan, KBC Beauty + Team: www.kbcbeauty.com
Ashley Zimmerman, Color Specialist at Addiction Salon: www.addictionsalon.com
Solid Gold: www.solidgoldsalon.com


Light Performance by Solar Flare: www.solarflarefire.com
Samba Beleza: https://www.facebook.com/RioStyleSambaClass/?fref=ts
Exquisite aerial acrobatics presented by TrapezeWorld: http://www.trapezeworld.com/


Jim Vetter Photography: http://photogenic-events.com/
Scott Fin Photography: scottfinphotography.com
Scott Snell Photography: Scottsnellphotography.com


Prints by Jim Vetter Photography/Photogenic: http://photogenic-events.com/
Art by Jessica Hoff and maducca

Interactive Art:

The Bosco: http://www.thebosco.com/what-is-the-bosco


Up & Under Pub and Grill: http://www.theupandunder.com/
Nybll: http://www.nybll.com/
Casa de Case: www.casadecase.com
The Cake Gallery: http://www.thecakegallerysf.com/
Homestead Cookies: http://www.homesteadcookies.com/
Little John’s Candies: http://littlejohnscandies.com/
Divino Ristorante: http://divinobelmont.com/
Le Beau Market: http://lebeaumarket.com/


Breast Cancer Fund http://www.breastcancerfund.org/
Breast Cancer Emergency Fund (BCEF) http://bcef.org/
Bay Area Young Survivors (BAYS) http://www.baysnet.org/

If you would like more details on becoming a patron or sponsor of Beats for Boobs 2016, please contact

Beats for Boobs is a project of the Breast Cancer Fund. Tax ID # 94­3155886