enter This week’s mix courtesy of 8Ball from Space Cowboys. Best way to keep up with 8Ball is through his Facebook page here. On Twitter: @dj8ball or @joshdamon / 8ball On SoundCloud: joshdamon / 8ball More mixes: 8Ball (x Josh Damon) Mixography by The Sp... read more

Recorded live at Space Cowboys present Lady Waks! Public Works, SF March 13, 2016. You can find Josh Damon aka 8Ball’s mixes here: https://soundcloud.com/spacecowboys/sets/8ball-mixography http://twitter.com/joshdamon http://instagram.com/joshdamon

There’s a new wave of chopped, stretched, bass soaked remixes coming out — twists on old icon’s old classics by new house producers that feature just enough of the original to make me smile, but enough new production to feel fresh. This ... read more

This week on The RIPEcast, it’s our own DJ 8Ball with one of his signature, marathon dance mixes (2 hours plus) inspired by our “Return to Earth” post-Burn party at Monarch a while back. Enjoy. You can find Josh Damon aka 8Ball’s m... read more

The Mog’s heard a lot of DJs play a lot of music genres over the years, but there’s one style that it always comes back to — breaks. Yep, when the Mog made the bold decision to give up its profession as a gainfully employed radio truck a... read more

8ball x Josh Damon – Sonic Brain Jam When acid house sounds like deep house and nu disco sounds like the footsteps of someone running down the middle of the street. 01 – Anitox (Original Mix) – German Brigante 02 – A.M. (Ewan Pears... read more

DJ 8Ball BoC 2014

Josh Damon aka 8Ball From BoC 2014 Bassline, breaks, jackin house, and garage — who’d wants some? Well, me personally speaking, I could go for a bit of that. So could a tent full of dance-crazed maniacs during my set at Breakfast of Champions ... read more

8Ball – TIMF & Ghost Ship Mix 2013 Great seeing everyone (and we do mean EVERYONE!) at Ghost Ship last weekend. This week’s RIPEcast features one of the Space Cowboy originals, DJ 8Ball. 8Ball sez: Best way to keep up with 8Ball is through... read more