Recorded live at Hush Silent Disco at BottleRock 2016. You can find Josh Damon aka 8Ball’s mixes here:

In honor of the passing away of Prince we have a special guest mix Prince: The Funky Side by Ren the Vinyl Archaeologist. Prince, may you rest in peace and be funky forever. We will miss you. As a bay area resident (by way of New York), Ren the Vinyl Arch... read more

This week’s mix courtesy of 8Ball from Space Cowboys. Best way to keep up with 8Ball is through his Facebook page here. On Twitter: @dj8ball or @joshdamon / 8ball On SoundCloud: joshdamon / 8ball More mixes: 8Ball (x Josh Damon) Mixography by The Sp... read more

Pumpkin Live on RIPEcast

For those of you that have not yet experienced the Pumpkin phenomenon you’re in for a treat! This week the L.A.-based DJ/producer, a.k.a. Nicholas Alvarado, is our very special guest on the RIPEcast! We admit to being a little late to the Pumpkin party ... read more

Recorded live at Space Cowboys SnowFest Squaw March 5, 2016 at Bar One. ‘Like’ DJ Deckar’s page for updates on gigs & new mixes Deckard on Facebook here. Deckard on Soundcloud here.

Recorded live at Space Cowboys present Lady Waks! Public Works, SF March 13, 2016. You can find Josh Damon aka 8Ball’s mixes here:

DJ ShOOey BOC 2016

  I’d like to give my gratitude to the volunteers who greeted attendees and collected cash and canned goods all day. A *massive* shout out to everyone who generously donated to our food drive! This year, we collected $10,075 in person and onlin... read more

There’s a new wave of chopped, stretched, bass soaked remixes coming out — twists on old icon’s old classics by new house producers that feature just enough of the original to make me smile, but enough new production to feel fresh. This ... read more