If you like big art, and you like the Space Cowboys, check out what some of our people…
http://stivesarchive.co.uk/tadalafil-fda-approved-no-prescription-tadalafil-category-tadalafil/ Mad Lolly Lanes (Cairenn) and Che of the Voigt Family Sculpture Foundation, are doing!

20 at 20 Sculpture Exhibition: 20 artists at 20 years

For 20 years, the Byck family has built a winery in the Sonoma County foothills, and for much of that time, they have made world class sculpture a part of their vision. The oak grove, the meadow, the bluff, even the parking lot by the bottling plant are all filled with art, all free and open to the public seven days a week. To help celebrate their 20th year, the Voigt Family Sculpture Foundation is installing 20 works of art at the winery. The exhibition opens on June 22, 2014.

  • The art is accessible to the public, at no charge, seven days a week in a remarkable natural setting.
  • We provide opportunities for artists’ work to be seen and enjoyed, and for anyone to see art outside the confines of a gallery.
  • This will be the largest sculpture exhibit in the North Bay in 2014-2015, and you can be part of it.

The Impact You Can Make

Two years ago, the Voigt Family Sculpture Foundation began to partner with Paradise Ridge Winery to curate and present sculpture exhibitions that are free to the public, seven days a week. The winery has always supported and exhibited sculpture, but our partnership allows more art to be seen by more people.

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