cheap Lyrica canada I think I can confidently say that The RIPEcast is and always will be the crown jewel of all my DJ accomplishments and I’m absolutely thrilled to be posting our 100th episode this week. Thank you to 8Ball, the longest active member of our clan and one hell of a DJ, for commemorating the occasion with a fabulous 2+ hour mix. The RIPEcast was my conception and I’ve had the great pleasure of producing it every single week for the last two years. But the show wouldn’t have anywhere near the same level of popularity without the Space Cowboys’ stellar name and reputation behind it. The Cowboy ‘brand’ is something a lot of folks in our crew (some of whom I’ve never met) started building way back in the late ’90s, long before I ever came into the picture. So as far as I’m concerned, everyone in the group deserves some credit for the success of the podcast.

A special thanks to Johnny Mansour and Podomatic for all of their support over the last two years and also to our pal, Jem Panufnik, the talented illustrator behind the RIPEcast artwork. And last, but certainly not least, thank you to all the DJs that have appeared on the podcast so far:

8Ball, Murphstar, Myagi, Trav, Plaza de Funk, Aaron Pope, U9lift, Sammy Bliss, Erik_Hz, Justin Rushmore, Deckard, Mancub, ShOOey, Shissla, Tom Drummond, Jonboy, Pumpkin, Bush Doctors, Gravity, Arrow Chrome, Justin Paul, JDubYa, Peo de Pitte, Rennie Pilgrem, Neighbour, Qdup Foundation, J9, Bassben, Brad Robinson, Influence, DJ Wolfie, Tamo, Kapt’n Kirk, The Dublic Twins, Melyss & Big Fat Frog, rrrus, Motion Potion, Slyde, The Plump DJs, Krafty Kuts, J-Rod, Elite Force, Benchun, Icon, 2 Wrongs, JoeJoe, Kramer, Clarkie, Jive.

Here’s to another 100 episodes, Boys and Girls additional reading! Happy Holidays and we’ll see you at Breakfast of Champions!